Maor + Ben // Alice Springs, NT

Flying into Alice Springs brought back so many good memories… The smells of the desert and the the stunning beauty of the landscape

Yellows and pale blues, red sand and a million different types of gums…

I love this country and I love the people that call it home… they are just the best kind of salt of the earth types. People that know that community and friendships are the most important thing in this life. The type of people that value family and know how to show it by sharing good food, music and celebrating the love

Ben and Maor put together the most beautiful bush wedding. With a thousand helping hands from their friends they created a festooned wonderland in the middle of the desert and it was so special to be part of it all. They took the time to drive an hour into the desert to the indigenous community of Santa Teresa to get married in a very special church. Ben and his family have spent many years dedicating themselves to this community and it was so wonderful to see all that love returned with a huge turnout from the locals and a special smoking ceremony held for them before they entered the church.

Being at this beautiful celebration left me with so much warmth and joyfulness in my heart. Thankyou Ben and Maor for inviting me to be part of your very special day…