Outdoor sessions bring a delightful mix of adventure, activity, and enjoyment to your photoshoot, all against a stunning natural backdrop. Byron Bays abundance of scenic spots makes it an excellent choice for those seeking alternatives to indoor sessions or for families with a love for outdoor adventures.

What to Wear

When it comes to choosing outfits, there's no strict formula. While earthy tones and neutrals often photograph beautifully, bright colors and patterns can also shine if coordinated thoughtfully! My main goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and confident, reflecting their true selves. I suggest opting for tones that harmonize well together—no need for perfect matchy-matchy, just complementary styles. As for black clothing, I recommend steering clear for a more vibrant and dynamic look!

Adjust your expectation of your kids behaviour now

They probably won't be little angels the whole time, and that's perfectly okay. In fact, it's what makes our photos authentic and special. It's better to let go of any expectation of their behaviour so you can relax on the day without stressing. We want them to be their natural, playful selves – running, laughing, and just being kids. Those spontaneous moments are what make our memories unique and unforgettable. So, don't worry if they're not posing perfectly. Let's embrace the realness and capture some genuine family moments together.

Feed The Kids Before

Make sure the kids have eaten before the outdoor family session. The optimal time for the session is during the final 1-2 hours of daylight, which can be challenging for children, especially in the summer months. Ensuring they've had dinner beforehand gives us a better chance of them arriving content and satisfied, avoiding any hunger or need for dinner during the session. Although it might seem daunting, taking young kids out after dinner can actually work surprisingly well; they tend to be distracted and content, contributing to a smoother and happier photoshoot experience.

Let go of coaching your kids to smile

Go with the flow. I think this is my favourite tip! I know how kids can be, I have photographed hundreds of families. Try and remain calm and in the moment, I am there to help with the kids and my job is to do my very best to be their friend & have them follow my lead. In between what can feel like chaos, there are also laughs and smiles that I will on the lookout for to capture their natural laughter rather than anything forced

Pack snacks + water

Even though our sessions are only an hour, we often need a little burst of snacks or water just to keep them going and fully engaged for that time. And maybe even a little treat to get us over the line!

Watch the weather

Stay tuned to the weather forecast. If rain is forecast during your session, we'll reschedule. However, I typically make this decision a few hours prior to the session rather than the day before. Surprisingly, overcast or stormy skies can produce beautiful lighting and backgrounds, so we'll still proceed with the session as long as it's not actively raining.

Travel Light

Keep it simple when packing. Bring along just the essentials in a small bag. I like to take photos of you all walking together so I'll likely be carrying it while we walk, so opt for something compact. Remember, you don't need much! Water and a few snacks for emergencies is more than enough.

If we're shooting at the beach, ensure you have a towel and change of clothes stashed in the car.

Look forward to meeting you all soon x