"Nina! We are Both completely speechless. I think we've spent the last 2 days just looking at these photos. They are sooo beautiful!"
— Charlotte and Jo
"Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou for capturing our day perfectly! I'm so happy with what you have provided.... Bravo! We had such a fantastic time with you and you really made us feel at ease. We felt like we had known you for years as soon as we met you and you made two usually very camera shy humans look amazing! We are beyond thrilled and so happy we chose you!"
— Jessie + Ben
"Oh My GOD Nina, BRAVO...You freakin' NAILED IT!Could not be happier!! Jesse and I have spent the past hour (plus some) going through them all. You captured our day perfectly!"
— Jesse + Michael
"Nina!! These photos are insane.... seriously I'm so happy.... My friends better get ready for serious wedding spam... "
— Sophia + Luke
"OMG, Nina we are so happy I could cry right now... Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts. We will treasure these photos forever!!"
— Hannah and Ben

-one of the most heart warming and honest emails I've ever received-

"Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! You have done the most outstanding job.

I have to be honest in saying that it has taken me some time to respond to this email to be able to put into words what I truly wanted to say - I'm still not sure that I will be able to but here we go.

When we first received the photos, Jake and I cracked open a bottle of wine and viewed them together, initially I found myself critiquing every photo of myself, worrying about how I looked. I was so obsessed with having the picture perfect wedding photo of us. But the truth is this Nina, I sit here typing this email with tears in my eyes (happy tears) thinking about the happiness and love I felt on our big day, I look at all of the photos and can only think of the emotion that you have captured, the emotion between us and the joy of our friends and the love of our family. Your photos have cracked me open and made me see past the superficial idea of a picture perfect photo. You have given us the most wonderful gift we could have ever received, we have a true reflection of the love, support and happiness we and our guests felt on our wedding day and we have that memory as a reminder for the rest of our lives in the photos that you have given us. I love the photos right to the bone and on top of that you really have made Jake and I look amazing, that is not an easy task.

You are a true professional and an artist, you have no idea of the impact you had on me from the moment you stepped into the house when I was getting ready, you contributed to my happiness and calmness. 

Every person we have shared the photos with, has commented on how beautiful they are and how they can also feel the emotion from the day, even if they were not there.  

We will forever be grateful for your work Nina, Thankyou a million times over."


Your wedding will be entirely different and special. It is unique to you and tells a personal story about you and your connections with the people dearest to you. I'm here to capture the beauty within those relationships.