I've always struggled to define what makes me unique as a photographer. I understand the importance of having a distinct perspective rather than trying to please everyone. With such diverse couples celebrating in their own ways, it's challenging to pinpoint what truly sets me apart. But if I were to name it, it's my approach.

I refuse to conform to a one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, I approach each wedding with a soft touch, viewing it through the lens of a guest with a camera who genuinely adores you. What ties together my incredible couples isn't a particular aesthetic or style; it's their kindness and openness that allows us to connect.

My focus isn't on my own portfolio or image. It's about ensuring that the photos I deliver reflect the authentic essence of you. No pretense, no imitation, no chasing trends. Whether your celebration is grand or intimate, I treat each moment as a masterpiece.

Stepping into your world, I bring empathy, ready to capture the essence of who you are—just as your loved ones see you, just as you see yourself.

What sets me apart, is I allow myself to fall for you, because the best photos, are the ones taken by someone who loves you, not someone who wants you to be something you’re not. You’re enough, you’re perfect, just the way you are.


45mins Groom/Partner 1 preparation

1.5hr Bridal/Partner 2 preparation

30mins Ceremony

20mins Cuddle time and Congratulations

15mins family pictures

15mins Bridal party portraits or pictures of you both with your close circle of friends

20mins Couple portraits and some time together alone

10mins Sunset Stroll

It’s lovely take a glass of champagne and have stroll at sunset when the light is soft and clean and the most flattering and we can take some beautiful pictures.

We can talk over what time the sun will set on your wedding day during our consult.


It’s not my style to over complicate things… I love to capture your day unfolding naturally and the most beautiful thing to me is catching those little unguarded moments. keeping that in mind, there are also a couple of details worth considering to make your day run smoothly and get the most out of your photography.


It's time to pour the whiskey and suit up. The big day has arrived.

I usually begin the story of your day with the groomsmen. I will spend 45mins capturing some key moments here.

There's no need for you to be in your suits when I arrive. You might be going over your speech or enjoying some time with your best men but a few shots of you all suited up just before I leave is great to capture.


It's so lovely to capture some of the beautiful details of the look you have created for the day. You may have invested time selecting special pieces or you may be including precious family heirlooms in your wedding day.

Gather all your pieces together and when I arrive that's where I will begin. It's a lovely way to break the ice and a beautiful introduction to the story of your day.


It's time to pop the champagne and enjoy yourself. I will arrive an hour and half before you plan to leave for the ceremony so take some time to enjoy these moments with your closest friends.

There's no need to be have your hair and make up done or be in your dress when I arrive. It's nice to capture some natural and relaxed candid moments. I recommend that your hair and makeup is finished 45 mins before you leave and you start putting on your dress 30minutes before you plan to leave for the ceremony.


Calm and relaxed and ready to enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

Your wedding day is not a time you want to feel rushed. I recommend that your hair and makeup is ready at least 45minutes before you plan to leave for your ceremony. This will leave you time for some beautiful natural portraits while you're feeling fresh and the excitement is brewing.

Make sure you work this into your timing with your hair and makeup team. It's reassuring to know that everything is running on time and you can focus on enjoying yourself. I will leave for the ceremony 15 mins before you do so that I can be ready and waiting when you arrive.


Many couples opt to have “unplugged weddings” This means that your celebrant kindly asks the guests to put away their devices so that they can be truly present at the ceremony. It will be so much nicer for you to walk down the aisle looking at all your friends and families faces instead of their smartphones. It also means that the pictures of your guests at the ceremony will be of their smiles, tears and natural emotions instead of them looking into their devices. Talk to your celebrant about making a small announcement at the start of the ceremony.


If you're planning for a wonderful confetti toss there’s a few important tips that will help make that happen.

Firstly talk to your florist and make sure you have an abundance of petals… whether its confetti or petals you’ll need alot of them to get that showered with joy feeling.

Secondly ask your celebrant to announce it – that way your guests are ready and loaded up to shower you with all that confetti love as you make your grand exit.


Have a chat with your celebrant about where they’ll be standing during your ceremony. It can be nice if your celebrant stands aside for key moments like during the vows so you have some beautiful pictures of just the two of you. This is especially important during the kiss! A third head popping out between you can be a little awkward in your photos. Also ask your celebrant if they’ll be using a microphone stand. Microphone stands or portable lecturns come between couples in their photos. Most celebrants are excellent at working with your photos in mind and most likely will already lead the way with these tips but it doesn’t hurt to check in with them.


The most ideal time for taking photos is the hour before sunset. This is when the light is clean and soft and at it’s most flattering. It’s what photographers call “The Golden Hour”. If you can try to align some time for photos around the golden hour on your wedding day that will make for some wonderful images. If you can’t that’s ok too, we might simply consider ducking away from the reception for 10 minutes at that time so we can take a sunset stroll and capture some beautiful natural portraits.


While I love to capture stunning sunset portraits and all the well thought out details I know that your wedding is about so much more than that.

It's about the beautiful little moments that you didn't plan. The moments of forgiveness, the acts of humility, the unbelievable joy, the pride of your parents and the overwhelming presence of love.

I like to encourage my couples to let go of expectation and leave room for the unknown. Your wedding photos will be a beautiful authentic record of your day unfolding naturally. Embrace every moment and you will be able to re-live all that joy for many years to come.


My most important piece of advice is to enjoy every part of this adventure. This is such an exciting season ahead of you and I'm so thrilled to be part of your celebration. If you have questions or need help with your planning remember I'm just an email away.

x Nina